Sassy Sandals

Valentine’s being the highlight of the week, I hope you are all filled with love and happiness!

Today’s #shoestyle post is the last of my shoe giveaway series:( I will be picking the winner randomly from the email subscribers.

Sandals are my second faves after heels. By now you all know I pick comfort over anything and sandals are the most comfortable of shoe styles. I know in my last #shoeseries post I said sneakers are the most comfortable. Well, they are but I am not that into sneakers, sandals do it for me and they are very cheap too.

I own like a million pairs of sandals (I will do an Insta story video for y’all). Being in Joburg has even heightened my love for sandals. I don’t even know if I can call it love any more but I know I extol a great pair of sandals.

Gone are the days when sandals were meant for beach day. Now adays we don’t only have the traditional T-strap, you can find some embellished ones good enough to be the focal point of one’s outfit.

Yes, these are super super casual but they guarantee an effortlessly stylish look for those Sunday afternoon braais  when you don’t feel like putting much effort into your look. You can pass on the makeup and wear a great pair of sandals, no one will notice your bare face *fingers crossed no one will notice. lol


These are my personal faves and I’m sure you can see how I like having details on my sandals. When you put your outfits together you must always have one thing that stands out and for me, sandals are usually the focal point of my casual outfits because I wear “plain” clothes.

How to dress in Sandals

Since sandals place focus on your feel, it is a great idea to pair these with clothes that expose your legs; skirts, dresses or shorts. It’s also a must to ensure your feet are pedicured. It’s not a must but nobody wants to see your dirty ill-maintained toe nails girrrl.

That about wraps up the shoe style giveaway series. I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have. I hope the information shared has been helpful in getting you to pick your shoe style. If not let me know and I will do my very best to help you. I will be doing a lot more #series posts this year so feel free to let me know of any other series you might want me to do.

Love and light to all. xox



2 thoughts on “Sassy Sandals

  1. Hie Vee it me…again lol
    Have you come across sandals that become painful after spending almost the whole day in them? Like my foot heels become unbearable!! Is it a certain type of sandals that are like that? If so which is the best type??

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey boo. I have a few of those myself. If you notice the ones which get your heels sore are not well cushioned. Try and get cushioned, comfortable ones. Don’t just go after the look of the sandals but consider comfort within a reasonable price though 🙂


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