Sneakers for your comfort

Hi darlings,

I am so sorry for not putting this up yesterday. I am sure you are all on with your lives this Friday evening but I hope you will find time this weekend to read through while you are relaxing. I am drowning in assignments and I totally lost track of the days from Tuesday hence the missed Thursday post.

If you are into atheleisure trend then this post is for you.

Since Beyonce’s  launch of Ivy Park we have seen the rise of athleisure wear and many of you have dove deep into the trend. I might not even be able to put a good enough blog post on this sneaker topic for y’all.

I am so not into sneakers at all. You catch me in sneakers when  I am in the gym ONLY. I love my comfort but hmmm, this is one trend I could not follow. Sneakers are a bit too comfortable, chilled and unappealing … to me. I do find myself scrolling though Instagram or Pinterest admiring some of the looks at times but I don’t think I will ever bring myself to try it out but I will share with you some of my favourite looks from Pinterest. My favourite brand is Adidas. If this is your shoe style and you happen to be the winner of the shoes giveaway don’t worry, I will still send you your prize 🙂







Let me know if you are a sneaker chick and share you thoughts on sneakers as a shoe style.

Now you can go on with your Friday:) while I get myself settled for a night of books 😦

Have an awesome weekend dolls xoxo



4 thoughts on “Sneakers for your comfort

  1. I feel iv become an addict of your blog I almost went crazy wen I ddnt find an update yesterday lol
    Nyhoooo…kicks are cool tho question is which are the proper to wear with a skater dress… its so confusing but the pics are helpful. Thanx Vee. Kill ’em assignments.
    Blessed weekend


    • Ha ha Sham, That is what the blog needs-loyal readers 🙂 Thanks babe #kisses … Kicks are cool when I see them on other people, I just can’t bring myself to try the looks. Trust me, I scroll through Pinterest trying to see if there is a look I can try but it all ends on admiring. If I walk into a shop with the intention of getting a pair, heels always end up stealing my heart-short girl problems lol. Will def look for some cool outfits for skater dress inspiration for you and I will tag on Insta or Pinterest.


    • Hi Nyashanicole,
      Thanks for showing some love here xoxo … You know my job is also pretty chilled, I can go casual and I should definitely be on this sneaker bandwagon but I am lacking guts. You should share some of your outfits for motivation boo


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