Fashion Dictionary: Knife Pleat

Growing up I knew a pleat as just being a pleat no matter the size. Now that I have embraced my love for fashion I have come to know that there are different kinds of pleats and today  we talk about the Knife Pleats.


Regardless of type, pleats are when a fabric is gathered to create fullness. Even though this is used on a wide array of garments, it is a technique predominantly featured on skirts.


This is a pleat where the fabric is pressed to one side in the same direction to form a smooth crisp line. This type of pleats can give off an elegant yet playful but well put together vibe.

Here are some examples of knife pleated garments and how you can dress up or down depending on your occasion:1




Would love to know how you would dress the knife pleats up or down. Share your thoughts down below 🙂

Stay Fab and Flawless.



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