I Wish Heaven Had Visiting Hours

At age 3, I could write her name but I had no idea how to write my own.

I believed she was my mum for the longest time.

I loved her more than I loves any Barbie doll or whatever kids love at that age.


While I Loved every second I spent with her, the world was judging her for the love she had for me. They believed she had a child before she got married.

No man believed I wasn’t hers. They all fled because they could not commit to a lady with a child.

I looked so much like her and she never ever walked out without me.

Eventually her Mr Right came along and loved both of us as his own family.

I never felt like I didn’t belong in their house.

I was their first child and they were the best pretend parents ever 🙂


She dealt with my wet blankets every morning as a child (yes I used to pee in the blankets).

She taught me all I know about pads and tampons, the birds and the bees.

She baked a cake for just the two of us on my 21st and we had the best time ever watching a Tyler Perry movie J


I remember getting mad every time I saw her with another niece or one of her friends because I loved her jealously.

I could open up to her.

She was my human diary.


She taught me to stand by God and to always take everything to him. And she assured me nothing would ever get me down as long as I stayed prayed up.

Maybe I have lost my ways….because this life thing has got me broken down.

I miss her more every day.

Tears can only be held back for so long.

I only see her in dreams now. And each time I wake up high on life because as always her face gave me so much life.


With each year that has gone by, I miss her even more this year.

She deserved to meet the guy in my life.

She deserved to see me work and finish off my studies.

She deserved to just be here enjoying the fruits of her positivity and encouragement.

But as they say, “She is watching over me from above.”


I wish heaven had visiting hours!






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