Painting winter Burgundy


One of the popular colours this winter season is burgundy. In a world where most believe black, brown and grey to be the go to winter colours, burgundy has been spotted on runways in New York, France and Italy.

It is possible to draw some attention to your outfit by adding at least one piece in this colour to your combinations during cold days of the season.

Because #FOMO I have been shopping burgundy.

Have a look at some of the burgundy pieces you can rock to give the winter days a bit of colour.




GLOVES …depending on your personal style, you can go for these to make a little statement or stick to the wool ones.

ankle boot

knee high boot

Depending on my mood, I can totally rock either of the boots.


Now your turn…share your thoughts, likes and dislikes of this winter’s trends.

Stay fab and flawless.



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